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Date: Friday 23, June 2017
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Mr.Vallabh Kaviraj is a longstanding Indian journalist, Poet and writer in London, who is the founding Editor-Publisher-Owner of the pioneering first independent Indian Asian English newspaper:
The AEN-The Asian Express Newspaper which he has founded in London 1973, and he is editing continuously since, is published daily on World Wide Web -
He is also founding Editor-Publisher and Owner of :
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Welcome to:
The Asian Express Newspaper News Diary
Founding Editor-Owner
Vallabh Kaviraj in London
Poetic Vision
by Vallabh Kaviraj
Vallabh Kaviraj
a longstanding
Indian origin
poet, writer,
and newspaper
editor in London,
he himself composed
his all peoms and
in a book form
called "Inspiration"
Today's World needs
Peace on Earth
Nature is troubled
with rusty air,
all creatures fear
what will happen
if none care!
none believe
God is where!
Fighting fighting
but none got
an end anywhere.
It is human creature,
should understand,
because sensitive
creature on the land.
Human should
be happy
on the land,
let be asked when?
Honesty that
all understand
and rusty air
will clear then.
-Vallabh Kaviraj
O human! self trouble
not the world,
compare self as
the same as all,
function inside
you as same
as others of all,
why should
be troubled
or trouble fellows
in the world ?
O wild waves!
be not thunder
and be not selfish !
why harm safe
boats in the sea!
Forget not the earth,
from the sun,
all stars related
in the sky,
human has the bed
that is the earth
and the blanket
for all is the sky.
It is I respect others,
naturally I am
respected by others.
It is I earn living,
consequently it is
also helped others
in earning living.
It is the related world,
no mistake,
human works
for herself / himself
as well as for others
in the civil world.
-Vallabh Kaviraj
Gujarati poem
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Current Affairs
News feature
Today's India
needs strong unity
nationwide to achieve
prosperity and
world peace
Vallabh Kaviraj
in London
India, the glorious ancient land with full of resources, manpower, rich culture and a considerable wealth of all kinds, is now seen globally as the land of opportunities for prosperity and world peace in this New Age.
*India is many-but it is a great one nation with over one billion people who have different languages, different religions, traditions and customs though culturally they are one people who have lived together culturally for centuries, that was the beauty of the great country India.
*Today's India is gaining a strong ground in the globalised world. Its progressive economy attracted a large number of world's countries to build bilateral relations. The country has got a considerable natural resources, wealth and talented manpower.
*Geographically its paramount boundry from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, its wall of mountains in the east and sea routes of Arabian sea and Indian ocean give a vast opportunity to build its strength as well as to create more wealth to become a rich nation again.
*India was one paramount nation before its Independence which was gained on 15th of August 1947. The British Raj maintained a strong unity of India and built up a powerful British Empire during its rule in India, read more in this article...
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UK News
Tower blocks across England
are being examined after London
Grenfell Tower blaze
According to media reports, Downing Street estimates, around 600 high rises across England are using similar cladding to Grenfell Tower in which, blaze occured and left 79 people dead and several missing, presumed dead, news reported.
Reportedly councils were told to give details to the government about the cladding they used in the tower blocks by Monday.
According to media news reports, the Department for communities and Local Government is then coordinating tests on it-with up to 100 able to take place in a day.
Reportedly a spokeswoman from Downing Street said " So far , three samples have been found to be combustible. We are in touch with all the the local authoirties to encourage them to urgently send us the samples and then we wll carry out checks that we need to see where we are with that." and she added " Obviously nobody will be living in buildings that are unsafe. They will be rehoused if they need to be and landlords will be asked to provide alternative accommodtion where that's possible." media news report said.
News Watch
EU -UK news
UK and EU begin
Brexit negotiations
EU and UK begin Brexit negotiations from today, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and UK Brexit Secretary David Davis reportedly confirmed the start of talks, and subjects for negotiations, which officially start in Brussels later, include the status of expat, the UK's "divorce bill" and the Northern Ireland border, said media reports.
Reportedly Day one of the negotiations will start at about 11:00 BST at European Commission buildings in Brussels, and EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier and Brexit Secretary David Davis will give a joint press conference at the end of the day.
UK News
UK Prime Minister Theresa May
to form government with support
of Democratic Unionists backing
After the result of General Election 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May visited Backingham Palace and has said she will put together a government with the support of the Democratic Unionists that can provide certianty for the future. Speaking after visiting Buckingham Palace, saying only her party has the legitimacy to govern, despite falling eiht seats short of a majority.
Conservatives needed 326 seats to win majority but, with 649 out of the 650 seats declared, they fell short and rely on the DUP to mcontinue to rule.
In a short statement outside 10 Downing Street, which followed an audience with The Queen, Mrs May said she intented to mform a government which could provide certainty and lead Britain forward at the critical time for the country.
Referring to the strong relationship she had with the DUP but giving the little detail of how their arrangement might work, she said the government would guide the country through the crucial Brexit talks that begin in just 10 days time.
-AENNS- 10/6/2017
UK News
Prime MinisterTheresa May
plans to set up network of
nine trade commissioners
across world to boost trade
In the UK, campaign for General Election 2017 continues, reportedly Theresa May plans to set up a network of nine trade commissioners across the world to boost trade and investments in the country after Brexit, media news reports said.
Reportedly the Conservative Party said they would be part of a new Board of Trade to help exports and attract foreign investments.
The Conservatives reportedly said the commissioners " will be based overseas in nine different regions, determined by markets rather than national borders, to ensure UK trade policy is guided by local experience and expertise".
The Board of Trade would bring together leading business figures and politicians to help lead trade delegations, boost exports and make sure the benefits and prosperity of Brexit are spread equally across the country".
Prime Minister Mrs May who plans to take Britain out of the European Union's tariff-free single market, has reportedly said Brexit will allow Britain to seek bilateral trade deals with old friends and new allies.
International Trade Secretary Lian Fox reportedly said in a statement "There is a world of opportunity out there for the UK as we leave the EU, but only Theresa May and the Conservatives have the plan and ability to get the right deal for Britain".
According to media news reports, Labour reportedly said it would seek tariff-free access to the EU single market after Brexit.
World News
A bomb attack in capital
city Kabul of Afghanistan,
killed at least 90 people
and injured some 400 others
-media news reports say
According to media news reports, a massive bomb explosion in capital city Kabul of Afghanistan, reportedly killed 90 people, injuring some 400 others by the blast, and no group has said it carried out the attack, said media news reports.
Reportedly most of the casualties were Afghan civilians on their way to work but foreign nationals were also injured including 11 US citizens, and the bomb exploded close to the German embassy, where a number of people reportedly injured, said media news reports.
The bomb went off in the diplometic district of the city, damaging several buildings, including Canada's embassy.
The neighbourhood is considered Kabul's safest area, with foreign embassies protected by dozens of three-metre-high blast walls. The foreign ministry and presidential palace are both in the area.
Reportedly a statement from Afghanistan's ministry of interior affairs says it condemns in strongest terms the terrorist attack that killed so many.
India reported some damage to windows at its embassy, located next to the German, Iranian and British embassies.
The US embassy and the NATO mission in Kabul, located about a kilometre away from the site of the explosion , both condemned the attack. The alliance reportedly praised "the courage of Afghan Security Forces , especially the police and first respoders" following the attack, said the media news repots.
UK News
UK on alert after
Manchester terror attack,
terror threat level raised
to critical following
Manchester Arena bombing
-media news report says
In the UK, after terror attack in Manchester on Monday, security is increased to protect key sites and reportdly military personnel are being placed in public locations to support police in protecting public, said media news report.
The Palace of Westminster has been closed to the public following police advice and the Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace was cancelled on Wednesday so that police officers could be re-deployed.
Reportedly people are still visiting Albert Square of Manchester to pay their respects to the victims with candles and flowers, said media news report.
According to media news report, three more men have been arrested as police continue to invistigate whether Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi actd alone.
Reportedly 23-year-old brother of Abedi has also been arrestd, and according to media news report, Abedi killed 22 people and injured 64 when he blew himself up outside an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night, news reported in the media.
According to media news report, schoolgirls, parents waiting to pick up children an an off-duty police officer are among the dead.
A fifth man repotedly arrested over the Monday's bombing at Manchester Arena as police investiging a network, said media news report.
Business News of India
India performs well
in its export sector
despite global slowdown
-says Commerce and
Industry Minister
Ms Sitharaman
In India, export sector is performing well despite the global slowdown , says Nirmala Sitharaman Commerce and Industry Minister of India, she was reportedly saying it while addressing a press conference in New Delhi, media news report said.
Reportedly she said, there is an increase in export from special economic zone in the last three years and exports were valued at 5.25 lakh crore rupees in 2016-17, and said, Government e-Market place is a remarkable step towards fighting corruption and ensuring transparency in Government transaction, and she said, number of mandatory documents required for exports and imports have been reduced to three each and said, forms related to imports and exports have been also simpllified, news report said.
International News
Emmanual Macron
sworn in on sunday as
youngest President of France
In France, thirty nine-year-old Emmuanual Macron was sworn-in on Sunday as youngest president of France, took the reins of power from Francois Hollande a week after he won a resounding victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a tumultuous election, media news report said.
Reportedly the new president faces a host of daunting challenges, uniting a deeply divided country, and in his speech, Macron said the French people had chosen hope and shown a willingness to change and he promissed that the EU, hit by the imminent departure of the UK, would be rejuvenated and relaunched during his time in office. He said the world and Europe need France now more than ever and they need a strong Frace with a sense of its own destiny, said media news report.
-AENNS- 15/5/2017
International Business News
UN ESCAP launches its
annual flagship report
saying India is expected
to achieve 7.1per cent
growth this year
The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific-ESCAP, reportedly has launched its annual flagship report, saying India is expected to achieve 7point 1percent growth this year as re-monetisation restores consumption, and infrastructure spending increases.
Reportedly the report said growth of India would edge up to 7.5 per cent next year.It however, warned that the country faces heightened risks related to the concentration of bad loans in the public sector banks, said media news report.
-AENNS- 03/05/2017
Commonwealth News
Commonwealth election
observers to go to Bahamas
for the first time
The Commonwealth will observe the election taking place in The Bahamas where general election is scheduled for the 10th May this year, said the press release sent to The AEN.
According to the press release, a team of the Commonwealth election observers will observe elections taking place there. This is the first time the Commonwealth will observe elections to The Bahaman parliament, said the press release.
After receiving an invitation from the Government of The Bahamas, Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland announced the make up of the election observer group, saying "I am delighted that former foreign minister, Hanna Tetteh, has accepted my invitation to lead the Commonwealth Obserer Group. Her experience will be a real asset in this important assignment, " said Secretary-General Scotland. "In offering their assessment on the conduct of the election and the overall credibility of the process, the Group will be contributing to enhancing democracy in The Bahamas."
The observers will consider all aspects of the electoral process and assess whether the election has been conducted according to the standards for democratic elections to which the Commonwealth of The Bahamas has committed itself.
The Group will be in The Bahams between 4 and 13 May 2017 inclusive. The last general election was held in May 2012.
Composition of the group announced - Hanna Tetteh Chairperson, from The Republic of Ghana, Elvin Bailey Supervisor of elections, St Kitts and Nevis, Lebrechtta Hesse-Bayne gender specialist, Antigua and Barbuda, Enrico Woolford Chairman of the National Communications Network Guyana, says press release.
-AENNS- 02/05/207
In Europe,
In France election,
Macron will face
Marine Le Pen in run off
for French presidency
on 7 May this year
In France election, reportedly the centrist Emmanuel Macron will face far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a run -off for the French presidency on 7th May this year, according to media news report said.
Reportedly with 96% votes counted from first round of Sunday, Emmanual Macron has 23.9% with Marine Le Pen on 21.4%.
According to media news report, the two fought off a strong challenge, and whoever wins the second round , voting makes a shift away from the decades-long dominance of leftist and centre-right parties in French politics, said media news report.
UK News
Prime Minister May calls
for early general election
on June 8 this year
In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May today called for an early general election on June 8, saying it is the only way to guarantee political stability after Britain leaves the European Union.
Speaking outside her 10 Downing Street residence today in London, she warned that the country is united but division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Breexit.
The Prime Minister May had earlier repeatedly denied that she would call an eletion before the next scheduled poll in 2020.
According to a legislation, next election of the country was due to have been held in 2020, but the law can be overruled if two-thirds of the law makers in British Parliament vote in favour of early elections.
There will be a House of Commons vote on the proposed election tomorrow and Prime Minister May will need backing of Parliament to hold a vote before 2020.
Reportedly Leader of the Opposition, Jermy Corbyne welcomed decision of Prime Minister May to hold the snap election, media news report said.
-AENNS- 18/05/2017
International News
Russian President Putin says
relations with US have worsened
since President Trump took office
-media news report says
According to media news report, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly has said relations with the US have worsened since US Presindent Donald Trump took office, saying to Russian TV that the trust between the two countries had particularly deteriorated on military level, and the remarks were released as Russian Foreign Minister met his US counterpart in Moscow, amid rising tension over a suspected chemical attacks in Syria, said media news report.
In UK,
Thousands of EU laws
are to be transferred
into UK law as country
gears up for Brexit
In the UK, Brexit Secretary David Davis said in the House of Commons, the Great Repeal Bill would allow the UK Parliament and Welsh, Scottland and Northern Ireland administrations to scrap, amend and improve laws.
And according to media news report, it would also end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.
It comes a day after Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, starting the process which will officially take the UK out of the EU in March 2019, media news report said.
In India,
Two-day meeting of
G20 leaders begins
on Tuesday this week
in Varanasi
G20 leaders and representatves of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank are meeting for two-day in Varanasi, the meeting begins on Tuesday, to discuss the current global economic situation and to frame specific growth policies of the country.
According to media news report, The third G-20 Framework Working Group meeting under the G-20 German Presidency is being co-hosted by the Department of Economic Affairs , Ministry of Finance and Reserve Bank of India in Varanasi on 28th and 29th this month.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi represents Varanasi in the Lok Sabha therefore Varanasi is hosting meeting of G20 leaders this week, said media news report.
In Europe,
Eurpean Union celebrates
treaty of Rome in Italian capital,
marking 60 years since it was
European Union is celebrating theTreaty of Rome in Italian capital city where the EU leaders have stressed the need for unity at a celebration, media news report said.
Reportedly 27 EU countries signed a new declaration to hour the Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May is not attending the celebration, she plans to launch the Brexit process on Wednesday by formally triggering article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
According to media news report, European Commission head, Jean-Claude spoke of a new mood of optimism about the way forward, news report said.
Northern Ireland
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams
has claimed Martin McGuinness
was freedom fighter, not terrorist,
media news report said
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adam has claimed Martin McGuinness was a freedom fighter, not terrorist, reportedly he claimed during he was speaking at the graveside following the funeral of Mr McGuiness, a former IRA leader turned politician, news report said.
Martin McGuinness ex-paramilitary turned Sinn Fein politician died onTuesday aged 66, after short illness, thousands of people gathered in streets of his native Bogside, a republican area of Londonderry, as the funeral took place, and many of them followed the coffin of Mr McGuinness onwards to the city cemetery.
Former Presindent of the United States, Bill Clinton was attending the funeral, speaking after the funeral, he said "We spent a lot of time together when I was President and I wanted to honour him for what he did, for changing from war to peace and to emphasise that, one thing to make a peace , another thing to make it work and that is an endless process." saying "You have got to work at it all the time and care for it" "I think all these people, who justifiably, respect the fact that he changed from war to peace need to re-commit themselves to finish the work that needs to be done"
"Our friend earned this vast crowd" he said "Even more he earned the right to ask us to honour his legacy by our living to finish the work that is there to be done", media news report said.
Terror attack in London :
Many world leaders
including Prime Minister
Modi of India condemned
this terror attack
According to media report, many world leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India have condemned this terror attack, saying at this difficult moment, all leaders will stand with the United kingdom, said media report.
Terror attack near
House of Parliament
in London, five dead,
40 injured
Terror attack near House of Parliament in London, firstly media reported that four people have died and twenty people have been injured, and lately media reported that according to latest media report, five people have died, including a police officer and the attacker, 40 people were injured after a car struck pedestrians on near by Westminister Bridge before it crashed, and three police officers were among those injured, two of them were in a serious condition, news reported.
"We will never give in to terror"
says Prime MinisterTheresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May condemned terror attack in Westminster, saying such terror attacks are ultimately doomed to failure and said the terror attack in Westminster will not stop people from going about their lives.
She said "the sick and depraved" attack in Wesrminster, in which five prople died, would not stop people going to work as normal or Parliament from sitting on Thursday.
Speaking outside N0 10, Prime Minister Mrs May praised the "exceptional bravery" of the police officer who died. She earlier chaired a meeting of emergency response committee Cobra and said her thoughts were with relatives of the officer and those officers who had been killed and injured in appalling incident.
She said values of freedom of speech and democracy would prevail. our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected.
Prime Minister Mrs May said "these streets of Westminster-home to the oldest Parliament of the world-are ingrained with a spirit of freedom that echoes in some of the furthest corners of the globe, and she said the values of our Parliament represents - democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law - command the admiration and respect of people everywhere. That is why it is a target for those who reject those values. But let me make it clear today, as I have had cause to do before, any attempt to defeat those values through violence and terror is doomed to failure.
Parliament, she insisted, would meet as normal on Thursday and the British public would come together as normal, media report said.
Indian News
India to safeguard security
of Indians living and settled
abroad globally
In this modern changing world, Indians are living abroad globally and established successful Indian communities worldwide, contributing to the economy wherever they live.
In recent years, some of Indians who are living abroad reportedly attacked and some of Indians killed by trouble maker natives of overseas countries and created atmosphere of fears within Indian communities abroad, therefor India is concerned and taking necessary steps to safeguard Indians living abroad and Indian communities globally which are contributing considerbly to the economy of the country wherever they live in the world.
On Monday 20, March 2017, External Affairs Minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj making a statement in Rajya Sabha concerning recent attacks on Indians and killed four Indians in the US, she reportedly said that India would take all necessary steps for safeguarding the safety and security of people of Indian origin living across the globe.
In US,
Huge winter storm sweeps
North-eastern part of country,
bringing heavy snow and
states of emergency declared,
says media report
In the US, north eastern part of the country, a huge winter stom sweeps states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia, reportedly states of emergency declared, says media news report.
According to news report, the storm is expected to cause severe disruption across the region, media report said.
In UK,
House of Lords pass
Brexit bill on leaving EU
In UK, House of Lords reportedly has passed the Brexit bill on 13th March, paving the way for the government to trigger Article 50 so the UK can leave the EU. The bill is expected to receive Royal Assent and become law on Tuesday, media report said.
Festival News
Holi Festival of colours
celebrated today
in India and abroad
The festival of colours Holi is being celebrated today by Indian people in India and abroad, the festival signifies the victory of good over evil and arrival of spring in India.
Commonwealth Day Message
by Her Majesty The queen
The Head of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll will lead festivities with a special message issued to the two and a half billion people who live in Commonwealth countries.
On Monday 13th March, schools and communities in 52 countries will mark the Commonwealth Day 2017. This year, the annual celebration, shared values of the Commonwealth, is themed A Peace-building Commonwealth .
Commenting on the theme for 2017, A Peace-bulding Commonwealth, Secretary-General Patricia Scotland said " The Commonwealth builds peace by bringing people together, and by mobalising mutual support among our member states to strengthen democracy and development.
Increased programme of Commonwealth Day this year, activities have been coordinated by the Commonweath House-a collaborative approch that sees the Commonweath Secretariat, The Royal Commonwealth Society, the Commonwealth Local Govrnment Forum and the Commonwealth Games Federation join forces to support, promote and advance the values of the Commonealth as never before, mentined in the press release which sent to our founding editor and a longstanding journalist Vallabh Kaviraj in London.
-AENNS- 13/03/017
In UK,
Peers defeat government
on Brexit bill in House of Lords,
saying ministers should gurantee
rights of EU nationals to stay
in the UK
In the UK, reportedly the government has been defeated by peers in House of Lords, saying ministers should gurantee rights of EU nationals to stay in the United Kingdom after Brexit, news reported.
The vote announced 358 to 256 in the House of Lords, it is the first Parliamentary defeat for Brexit bill of the government, reportedly ministrs say the issue is a priority but must be part of a deal protecting UK expats overseas.
However, MPs will be able to remove their changes when the bill returns to the House of Commons, media news report said.
In Britain,
Prime Minister May says
Conservatives astounding
victory in Copland by-election
shows her govrnment is
working for everyone in country
According to media news report, the Conservatives astounding victory in the Copland by-election on Thursday reportedly Prime Minister Theresa May has said her government is working for everyone in the country.
The Conservatives swept aside Labour, which had held the Cumbria seat for 80 years, to record the first by-election gain by sitting govrnment in 35 years.
Reportedly Labour leader Jermy Corbyn has insisted he will stay on after it won a separate by-election in Stoke Central.
Prime Minister May reportedly praised newly elected MP Trudy Harrison for her fantastic work.
Business News
Indian economy is in fairly
good shape and likely to be
less affected than other
emerging economies if there
is further shock to global economy,
says IMF
According to International Monetary Fund, earlier this week, it is repotedly said this that India has an inward domestically demand-oriented economy, and the IMF added saying that economic growth will bounce back to its expected growth of more than 8 per cent in the next few years and also reportedly said that India is in much better fiscal position than it was, and also better in terms of its monetary framework and monetary policy, said media report.
International News
US President Donald Trump
launches another attack on media
US President Donald Trump reportedly has launched another attack on the media at a campaign rally for America in Florida, saying the media does not want to report the truth and had their own aganda to highlight fack news. He also defended the achievements of his Presidency so far, insisting that a spirit of optimism was sweeping the US.
Reportedly he had attcked the media at a press conference on Thursday as pressure mounted on his presidency, media news report said.
In US, powerful pacific storm
enters into California
In the United States, reportedly a powerful Pacific storm blew into California, with heavy rains, triggering rescues, calls for evacuations, disrupting travel and outdoor events .
Reportedly with the storm feeding on atmospheric river of moisture stretching far out in some neighbourhoods were requested due to the potential for mudslides and debric flows.
According to news report, seven people were rescued from the Sepulveda basin, recreation and flood-control area along the Los Angeles River, said media reports.
International News
Latest ballistic missile launch of
North Korea unanimously being
condemned by UNSC
According to media news report, the UN Security Council unanimously reportedly has condemned latest ballistic missile launch of North Korea, news reported.
Reportedly threatened to take further significant measures against Pyongyang, said media report.
According to media news report, United States, Japan and South Korea requested the urgent meeting after North Korea announced it had successfully tested a new missile on Sunday, the first launch since US President Donald Trump took office. At a Washington news conference, Trump reportedly described North Korea as a big, big problem, said media news report.
In Indonesia,
Days of torrential rain in
central Indonesia, 40,000 people
caught up in severe flooding,
According to media news report, 40,000 people reportedly have been caught up in severe flooding, following days of torrentian rain in central Indonesia.
Reportedly from landslides on Balli resort island, the death toll rose to 13, and according to news report incessant rains in the past five days caused rivers on Sumbava Island to break their banks and inundate seven sub-districts in West Nusa Tenggara province, said media news report.
In Britan,
MPs in House of Commons
back Brexit Bill
In Britain, MPs in House of Commons have voted for the Brexit Bill, they have overwhelmingly agreed to let the government begin departure from the EU, and the draft legislation reportedly approved by 494 votes to 122 and now moves to the House of Lords, media news report said.
Reportedly Prime Minister Theresa May wants to trigger formal Brexit talks by the end of March. She will do this by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, but requires permission of Parliament before doing so, said media news report.
In Britain,
Prime Minister Theresa May
receives first stage of approval
of Parliament to begin
Brexit process
In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May has received first stage of approval of Parliament to begin the process of Brexit from the European Union after winninhg a crucial vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday night, MPs voted in favour of leave European Union Bill.
Reportedly 498 MPs voted in favour of Brexit Bill, while 114 voted against it. The Bill now progresses to the next more detailed legislative stage before it can become law. Prime Minister Mrs May will bring out a White Paper on her Brexit strategy on Thursday, media news report said.
India News
India celebrates
its Repubic Day,
PM Modi greets nation
on RD day
India is celebrating its 68th Republic Day today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greeted the naton on the occasin of republic day.
Reportedly Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi is chief Guest during the Repubic Day parade in the national capital Delhi, news report said.
International News
In USA, Donald Trump
sworn in Washington
on Friday 20, 2017
as US President, pledges
to make America great again
In the USA, DonaldTrump the newly elected US President has been sworn in as the 45th president into office by the Chief Justice of the United States of America in Washington on Friday 20, January 2017, reportedly he pledged in his inaugution address, he will make America great again, also he promised to be the voice of forgotten people ignored by Washington politicians.
In his address, new president promising to bring back jobs, borders, wealth and dreams, and also he spoke of abandoned factories, a failed education system, pledging that his presidency would bring about change.
President Trump said his inauguration day would be known as the day the people became rulers of this nation again, media report said
Global Economic News
Economic outlook
of Asia for 2017
According to media news report, a United Nations report says despite global uncertainty and slowing global growth, Asian Economies especially economies of India and China are leading robust growth.
Reportedly the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, ESCAP, report released yesterday says World economy grew 2.2 percent in 2016, the slowest pace since the 2008 financial crisis. It says Brexit and election of Donald Trump as the US president added to uncertainty as Trump has railed against existing free-trade agreements and threatened to impose punitive tariffs on some imports.
However the co-authors of the report say South Asia is the fastest-growing region of the world, with 6.7 percent growth in 2016 projected to reach 6.9 percent in 2017 and 2018. It says despite a slowdown in China, Asia remains a bright spot.
According to report, economy of India projected to expand by 7.7 percent and 7.6 percent in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Since its exports are small relative to the size of its economy, India is largely insulated from global trade votality, said news report.
In Britain
Prime MinisterTheresa May
today unveils her plan to leave
European Union, saying she
wants Brexit deal within 2years
In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled her 12-point plan to day, in her address at Lancaster House in London, saying she wants the Brexit deal within two years, but implementation would be phased to avoid a cliff edge.
Reportedly in her much-anticipated speech in London on Tuesday, Prime Minister May also said that the both houses of the parliament will vote on any final Brexit agreement, amid pressure from lawmakers to have more say over leaving thr 28-nation economic bloc, news reported.
In Europe
Icy weather with strong winds
across Europe claims more
than 65 lives, news reported
The icy cold weather with strong winds and powerful storms across Europe reportedly has claimed more tha 65 lives and powerful storms causing traffic chaos, power cuts, travel delays and continues to hit Europe, said media reports.
Reportedly electricity supplies to nearly 350,000 homes in France were temporarily cut, and severe flood warnings are in place on east coast of Englad and as Germany prepares for more heavy snow, forecaster say the worst of the weather is heading eastwards. Freezing conditons continue in the Balkans and Turkey, said media reports.
According to media report, the World Meteorological Organization said the cold weather was responsible for countless road accidents and school closures, and it also warned about the impact of the cold weather on homeless and migrants, said media reports.
UK News
UK Senior diplomat Sir Tim Barrow
appointed new ambassadore to EU
-says press release
According to press release from Foreign office, UK Senior diplomat Sir Tim Barrow has been appointed the ambassadore to the EU, replacing Sir Ivan Rogers.
Reportedly Downing Street described the former ambassadre to Moscow from 2011 to 2015, who will now play a key role in the Brexit talks of the UK, as a seasoned and tough negotiator.
It is reported that Sir Ivan Rogers exit, which came earlier than planned, sparked a row with his resignation note criticising muddled thinking from ministers.
International News
New Secretary General of UN
saying he wants to shake up
global body
According to media news report, the new Secretary General of United Nations after taking the reins from Ban Ki-moon, Antonio Guterres who was speaking on the first day at the UN headquarters he said, he wants to shake up the global body and get all 193 member nations to come together to solve the problems the world is facing, saying conflicts are multiplying and interlinked, and have triggered the new phenomenon of global terroism. At the same, he said, there are massive human rights violations and inequalities have grown dramatically, and said only global solutions can addrss the problems, and the UN is the cornerstone of that multilateral approch, the former Potuguese Prime Minister and UN Refugee chief and now new Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres has said.
Mr Guterres has reportedy said, he is no miracle maker, but has big ambitions, he said during speaking on the first day at the UN headquarters, news reported.
World News
World welcoming year 2017
for peace and prosperity
The people of the world are welcoming the year 2017 in style on Saturday night with hope for world peace and prosperity around the world.
-AENNS- 01/01/2017
In Asia
According to media news,
North Korean leader saying
his country is close to testing
long-range missile capable
of carrying nuclear warheads
In Asia, reportedly North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has given a televised address to mark the start of A New Year 2017, saying his country is close to testing long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, claiming the intercontinental ballistic missiles were in their last stage of development, he claimed during his New Year 2017 message, media news report said.
Reportedly he said the country was now a military power of the East that cannot be touched by even the strongest enemy.
According to media news report, this raised fears that North Korea has made significant nuclear advances, but reported, it has never successfully tested-fired such a missile, and reportedly UN resolutions call for an end to nuclear and the missile tests of the country, said media news reports.
But according to media news report, US President elect Donald Trump has dismissed claim of North Korea and said it would not happen, news reported.
In US,
President Obama to deliver
farewell address this month
on January 10,
US President elect Trump will be
sworn in to office on January 20
In US, Presindent Barack Obama will deliver a farewell address on January 10 to reflect on his time in office and will say thank you to all his supporters, he said in his email statent released today, said media report.
US elect President Republican Donald Trump will be sworn in to office on January 20. During his campaign for the White House, Trump pledged to undo many signiture policy measures of Obama , including his healthcare law.
Obama reportedly sought to ensure a smooth transaction of power, said media .
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