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International News
In USA, Donald Trump
sworn in Washington
on Friday 20, 2017
as US President, pledges
to make America great again
In the USA, DonaldTrump the newly elected US President has been sworn in as the 45th president into office by the Chief Justice of the United States of America in Washington on Friday 20, January 2017, reportedly he pledged in his inaugution address, he will make America great again, also he promised to be the voice of forgotten people ignored by Washington politicians.
In his address, new president promising to bring back jobs, borders, wealth and dreams, and also he spoke of abandoned factories, a failed education system, pledging that his presidency would bring about change.
President Trump said his inauguration day would be known as the day the people became rulers of this nation again, media report said
News Watch
Global Economic News
Economic outlook
of Asia for 2017
According to media news report, a United Nations report says despite global uncertainty and slowing global growth, Asian Economies especially economies of India and China are leading robust growth.
Reportedly the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, ESCAP, report released yesterday says World economy grew 2.2 percent in 2016, the slowest pace since the 2008 financial crisis. It says Brexit and election of Donald Trump as the US president added to uncertainty as Trump has railed against existing free-trade agreements and threatened to impose punitive tariffs on some imports.
However the co-authors of the report say South Asia is the fastest-growing region of the world, with 6.7 percent growth in 2016 projected to reach 6.9 percent in 2017 and 2018. It says despite a slowdown in China, Asia remains a bright spot.
According to report, economy of India projected to expand by 7.7 percent and 7.6 percent in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Since its exports are small relative to the size of its economy, India is largely insulated from global trade votality, said news report.
In Britain
Prime MinisterTheresa May
today unveils her plan to leave
European Union, saying she
wants Brexit deal within 2years
In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled her 12-point plan to day, in her address at Lancaster House in London, saying she wants the Brexit deal within two years, but implementation would be phased to avoid a cliff edge.
Reportedly in her much-anticipated speech in London on Tuesday, Prime Minister May also said that the both houses of the parliament will vote on any final Brexit agreement, amid pressure from lawmakers to have more say over leaving thr 28-nation economic bloc, news reported.
In Europe
Icy weather with strong winds
across Europe claims more
than 65 lives, news reported
The icy cold weather with strong winds and powerful storms across Europe reportedly has claimed more tha 65 lives and powerful storms causing traffic chaos, power cuts, travel delays and continues to hit Europe, said media reports.
Reportedly electricity supplies to nearly 350,000 homes in France were temporarily cut, and severe flood warnings are in place on east coast of Englad and as Germany prepares for more heavy snow, forecaster say the worst of the weather is heading eastwards. Freezing conditons continue in the Balkans and Turkey, said media reports.
According to media report, the World Meteorological Organization said the cold weather was responsible for countless road accidents and school closures, and it also warned about the impact of the cold weather on homeless and migrants, said media reports.
UK News
UK Senior diplomat Sir Tim Barrow
appointed new ambassadore to EU
-says press release
According to press release from Foreign office, UK Senior diplomat Sir Tim Barrow has been appointed the ambassadore to the EU, replacing Sir Ivan Rogers.
Reportedly Downing Street described the former ambassadre to Moscow from 2011 to 2015, who will now play a key role in the Brexit talks of the UK, as a seasoned and tough negotiator.
It is reported that Sir Ivan Rogers exit, which came earlier than planned, sparked a row with his resignation note criticising muddled thinking from ministers.
International News
New Secretary General of UN
saying he wants to shake up
global body
According to media news report, the new Secretary General of United Nations after taking the reins from Ban Ki-moon, Antonio Guterres who was speaking on the first day at the UN headquarters he said, he wants to shake up the global body and get all 193 member nations to come together to solve the problems the world is facing, saying conflicts are multiplying and interlinked, and have triggered the new phenomenon of global terroism. At the same, he said, there are massive human rights violations and inequalities have grown dramatically, and said only global solutions can addrss the problems, and the UN is the cornerstone of that multilateral approch, the former Potuguese Prime Minister and UN Refugee chief and now new Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres has said.
Mr Guterres has reportedy said, he is no miracle maker, but has big ambitions, he said during speaking on the first day at the UN headquarters, news reported.
World News
World welcoming year 2017
for peace and prosperity
The people of the world are welcoming the year 2017 in style on Saturday night with hope for world peace and prosperity around the world.
-AENNS- 01/01/2017
In Asia
According to media news,
North Korean leader saying
his country is close to testing
long-range missile capable
of carrying nuclear warheads
In Asia, reportedly North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has given a televised address to mark the start of A New Year 2017, saying his country is close to testing long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, claiming the intercontinental ballistic missiles were in their last stage of development, he claimed during his New Year 2017 message, media news report said.
Reportedly he said the country was now a military power of the East that cannot be touched by even the strongest enemy.
According to media news report, this raised fears that North Korea has made significant nuclear advances, but reported, it has never successfully tested-fired such a missile, and reportedly UN resolutions call for an end to nuclear and the missile tests of the country, said media news reports.
But according to media news report, US President elect Donald Trump has dismissed claim of North Korea and said it would not happen, news reported.
In US,
President Obama to deliver
farewell address this month
on January 10,
US President elect Trump will be
sworn in to office on January 20
In US, Presindent Barack Obama will deliver a farewell address on January 10 to reflect on his time in office and will say thank you to all his supporters, he said in his email statent released today, said media report.
US elect President Republican Donald Trump will be sworn in to office on January 20. During his campaign for the White House, Trump pledged to undo many signiture policy measures of Obama , including his healthcare law.
Obama reportedly sought to ensure a smooth transaction of power, said media .
In Britain,
Prime Minister Theresa May
urges Britain to unite and move
forward after Brexit vote
In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly has said in her first Christmas message as PM, urging Britain to unite and move forward after Brexit vote and said that there had been much to celebrate in 2016, and added saying "as we leave the European Union we must seize an historic opportunity to forge a bold new role for ourselves in the world and to unite our country as we move forward into the future", said media report.
International News
New Secretary-General of the United Nation, Antonio Guterres was sworn in on Monday as the ninth UN Secretary-General, succeeding Ban Ki-moon, media news report said.
Former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres 67, was unanimously appointed by the General Assembly as the successor to Ban Ki-moon, after the 15-nation Security Council had in October decided by acclamation to send his name to the Assembly for final approval, news reprt said.
According to media news report. the new UN Secretary-General after the swearing in the ceremony, he has vowed to reform the 71-year-old world body, making it decentralised and flexible to improve its ability to repond to global crises, and he reportedly said the organisation is the cornerstone of multilateralism, and has contributed to decades of relative peace, but the challenges are now surpassing our ability to respond.
Reportedly President of the UN General Assembly Peter Thomson administered the oath of Office to Guterres at a special plenary meeting of the 193-member General Assembly at the United Nations, said media news report.
In India,
CM of Tamil Nadu
state of India,Jayalalithaa
passes away at age of 68,
In India, Chief Minister ofTamil Nadu state of India, most colourful and controversial politician Ms Jayalalithaa passed away at 11.30 pm on Monday in hospital, she reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest a day earler, she was 68, media news report said.
Jayalalithaa was one of the most articulate and determined political personalities and a top film actress of the 1960s and 1970s, she showed enormous resolve in stepped into the world of politics in June 1982, under the membership of Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran, the fouder of the AIADMK and her lead co-star in 28 Tamil films.
According to media news report, her mortal remains kept in state at the historic Rajaji Hall onTuesday to enable the public to pay homage.
Reportedly President Mukherji, Prime Minister Modi as well as all Indian leaders paid their respects to outstanding leader Jayalalithaa on Tuesday, said media news report.
In UK,
Brexit case to begin today
on Monday at Supreme Court
in London-media report said
In the UK, reportedly the Supreme Court will hear a land mark legal hearing today on Monday into whether consent of Parliament is required before official Brexit negotiations can begin, and the hearing is expected to last four days, but the verdict is not due until next yeat, and the outcome will have implications for strategy of Theresa May for EU exit, media report said.
International News
In Colombia, emergency workers
find black box from crashed plane
-media news report said
In Colombia, reportedly emergency workers have found the black box with flight data and cockpit voice recordings from a plane that crashed in the mountain with a Brazilian football team on board, media news report said.
According to media news report, Luis Perez Gutierrez, the governor for Antioquia department in northwestern Colombia, where the charter flight went down , announced that the two black boxes had been reportedly located, said media news report.
In UK,
Chancellor Philip Hammond delivers
his first Autumn Statement in 2016
In the UK, Chancellor Philip Hammond opened his first Autumn Statement 2016 in Commons by looking at the UK economic figures, saying the economy is resilient despite forecasts that government finances will be £122bn worse off than previously expected by 2020, he told MPs.
In his Autumn Statement Philip Hammond said growth predictions had been cut as a result of the Brexit vote.
Chancellor Philip Hammond confirmed he would abandon the government target to spend less than it earned by 2019 - 20.
As widely, he unveiled a fuel duty freeze and more cash for housing, transport and digital infrastructure.
President-elect Donald Trump
announcing in video message,
saying US will quit TPP deal
on first day when he takes office
-media news report said
In US, President elect Donald Trump reportedly made an announcement in video message outlining what he intends to do first when he takes office in January, saying that the US will quit Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on his first day in the White House, said media news report.
India News
Following demonetisation
move of government in India,
several banks slash FD rates
after surge in deposit
-news report said
According to media news reports, following demonetisation move of the government, several banks reportedly slashed their FD rates by up to 1 per cent.
Reportedly Canara Bank announced lowering its deposit rates in the range of 0.05 to 0.25 per cent while United Bank of India slashed rates of short-term deposits by 1 per cent, said news report.
International News
Powerful earthquake hits,
South Island of New Zealand,
killing at least two people
-media news report said
According to media news reports, a powerful earthquake has struck South Island of New Zealand, killing at least two people, news reports said.
Reportedly a powerful magnitude- 7.8 earthquake has struck after midnight on Monday ( 11:02 GMT on Sunday) and it was felt as far afield as the capital Wellington on the North Island, 120 miles away, said news report.
According to media news report, one person died in the town of kailkouraon the eastern coast, which has been cut off by road where communication system was down, reportedly said police there.
Another person reportedly died in Mount Lyford, a key resort nearby. It is not clear yet how they were killed. It is reported that tsunami arrived about two hours later, said media mews report.
Business News
IMF supports efforts of
Modi government to fight corruption
-media news report said
According to media news reports, IMF-International Monetary Fund reportedly supports the efforts of Modi government to fight corruption by demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupees notes in India, but cautioned saying that the move has to be managed prudently, and its spokperson told reporters in Washington that Global body supports measures of the Modi government to fight corruption and said that the move has to be managed prudently to minimize possible disruptions keeping in mind the large role of cash in everyday transactions in Indian economy, news report said.
In India,
500 and 1000 Rupee notes
cease to be legal tender,
surprising government move
is to tackle corruption measures
-news reported
In India, the government reportedly announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes were to be withdrawn as part of corruption measures, the surprise move of the government is aimed at tackling corruption, said media news reports.
Reportedly banks were shut on Wednesday to allow them enough time to stock new notes following Tuesday night announcement, and two notes accounted for about 85% of cash in circulation, said news report.
According to news reported, government guidelines say it is possible to exchange up to 4000 rupees per day, up to 24 November-anything over this will be subject to tax laws.
Reportedly a new 1,000 rupee note with a new dimension and design will also be introduced in due course, said news report.
International News
American people elect their
45th President
American people elect their 45th President, the race between Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly was fought, and eventually Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is being elected, news media report said.
International News
US goes to polls today
to elect its 45th President
America goes to polls today to elect its 45th President, the race between Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly remains as close as well, news media report said.
Business News
UK Prime Minister Theresa May
in India for her first trade visit
UK Prime Minister Theresa May is in India for her first trade visit, seeking backing for potential trade deal after Brexit, news report said.
Business News
BRICS nations ask IMF
to bridge financial gap
to push economic growth
According to media news report, reportedly BRICS nations have asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to bridge financing gap in infrastructure development to push economic growth in developing nations.
BRICS leaders reportedly committed to support the coordinated effort by the emerging economies to ensure that the new quota formula will be finalised within the agreed time lines, saying this will ensure that the increased voice of the dynamic emerging and developing economies reflect their relative contributions to the world economy, media news report said.
Commonwealth News
Maldives government choosing
to quit Commonwealth after
warnings over Democracy
According to media report, reportedly Maldives government is choosing to quit the Commonwealth after warnings over Democracy, and Commonweath Secretary General Patricia Scotland expressed disappointment over the decision of Maldives govenment and hoped the move will be a temporary one, said news report.
Also UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson reportedly said that the Maldives Government has decided to withdraw from the Commonwealth regretably the UK is disappointed, saying that the Commonwealth is dedicated to developing free and democratic societies, and regretted that Maldives has chosen to leave the Commonwealth.
Reportedly Amnesty International said in a statement that Maldives authoties should address their own human rights situation rather than lash out at legitimate criticism, saying human rights have been a complete free fall in the country over past few years and the govrnment has led an unprecedented crackdown on independent media.
According to news report, main opposition party of the country led by former President Mohammed Nasheed, reportedly said the decision was taken unilaterally by the Cabinet and the Executive, without consultation with the Parliament or the people of the Maldives and said this is a knee-jerk reaction to widespread internatinal condemnation of continued human rights violations, news report said.
Business Investment News
India has shown its progress
on reforms, could initiate
business investment and
enhance its medium-term
growth, says IMF
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reportedy said in its latest Asia Pacific regional economic update that its strong reform push in 2016 is welcome and should continue apace, saying the adoption of goods and services tax is poised to enhance the medium- term growth of the country, media news report said.
The IMF said that priorities also include effective implementation of the new corporate debt restructuring mechanisms, saying that as shown by India, progress on reforms
could initiate business investment, including already strong FDI inflows, which which will further increase domestic demand, and greater labour market flexibility and product market competition remain essential to create jobs and raise growth.
Reportedly the IMF said that growth of India has continued to benefit from the large improvement in positive policy actions, including implementation of keystructural reforms, gradual reduction of supply-side contraints, and an enhancement in confidence, news report said.
International News
More than 800 people died
in Haiti after Hurricane
Matthew soared in region,
millions flee as storm
is expected to hit Florida,
It is reported that more than 800 people died in Haiti after the storm Hurricane Matthew slammed into the Bahamas on Thursday, news report said.
Reportedly the US National Hurrican Centre has extended its hurricane warning area farther north and more than twelve millions US residents were under hurricane warnings.
According to news report, President Barack Obama on Thursday declared a federal state of emergency in Florida as powerful winds of Hurricane Matthew began to be felt along the southeast coast.
Reportedly more than two million people have been evacuated from the coastal areas of Florida, news report said.
-AENNS- 12/10/2016
In Europe
UK will leave EU and
formal Brexit negotiation
process will begin by end of
March 2017,
says Prime MinisterTheresa May
In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly has said in the Conservative conference in Birmingham that the UK would be leaving the EU and formally the UK will begin fornal Brexit negotiation process by end of March 2017, she also told the Tory Party Conference, saying the government would strike a deal with the EU as an independent sovereign UK, but she said there would be no blow by blow account of negotiations, media reports said.
International News
It is for India and Pakistan
to speak and should resolve
their issues bilaterally
-said US
According to media news report, United States has said that India and Pakistan to speak and should resolve their issues bilaterally, State Department spokesman John Kirby told the daily press briefing , saying it is for India and Pakistan to speak and US want to see both countries work this out bilaterally, news reported.
India News
There is a need to develop
Somnath Temple as ancient
heritage pilgrimage site and
tourist destination
In modern India there is a need to develop Somnath Temlpe as an ancient heritage pilgrimge site and tourist destination in Gujarat, reportedly Prime Minister Modi has stressed, and said this while attending a meeting of the Board of Trustees of Somnath Temple Trust at his residence in New Delhi on Saturday.
According to media news report, the Trust has also decided to deposit about 6 kilogram gold under Gold Monetisation Scheme
Prime Minister Modi also reportedly suggested excavations of areas to establish missing historic links, and he said, high -tech marine attractions and virtual reality shows should be covered in the future plan, and he also suggested to bring maximum areas of Somnath under CCTV surveillance network.
Reportedly Mr L K Advani chaired the meeting of Somnath Trust as its Chairman Keshubhai Patel was unwell. Harshavardhan Neotia, P K Laheri and J D Parmar who are the trustees also reportedly attended the meeting.
The Trust also reportedly welcomed newly appointed trustee Amit Shah.
-AENNS- 10-09-2016
International News
World leaders attend
11th G20 summit in China,
Chinese President Xi Jinping
says, G20 nations resolved
to break new path for growth
In China, 11th G20 summit has been held where world leaders gathered and the summit concluded with success and it achived main goals, reportedly said Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying G20 must display spirit of solidarity, partnership and the member countries are confident to restore the wold economy.
According to media report, Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly said, the member countries reached consensus to improve the financial governance around the world and will take more robust measure to enforce financial reform, and also said G20 nations will continue to push forward qutas and voting rights reform in international finacial institutions.
He reportedly said, the nations also resolved to break a new path for growth and new dynamism in the world economy, said media report.
-AENNS- 06-09-2016
International News
Indian Prime Minister Modi is
in Vietnam where he said world
must walk on path of peace
According to media news report, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on two day visit to Vietnam where he reportedly said world must walk on path of peace.
Interacting with monks at Quan Su Pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam today he reportedly said Budhism took sea route from India to Vietnam and therefore Vietnam has received the purest form of Budhism.
Indian Prime Minister Naredra Modi futher reportedly said he has seen a glow on the faces of the monks who have been to India, and the great curiocity on the faces of those who wish to travel to India.
Reportedly Prime Minister Modi invited them to visit the land of the Budha and especially Varanasi, which he represents in Parliament.
Prime Minister Modi reportedly assured full support from Indian side in sectors like modernization of agriculture, strengthening science and technology base and to take steps to build a modern Vietnam to his counterpart.
Keeping in view of the present world scenario Prime Minister Modi reportedly talked on various issues including defence cooperation and peace, said news report.
-AENNS- 03-09-2016
G20 summit in China
British Prime Minister
Theresa May to fly to China
for G20 summit
UK Prime Minister Theresa May is to travel for G20 summit to be held in China, this is her first international conference since becoming prime minister and meeting world leaders there.
Reportedly during the summit, Mrs May will hold her meeting with her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, for the better trading relationship between the two countries.
According to media reports, Mrs Theresa May when she steps on to the global stage first time this weekend at the G20 summit in China, she will have a big moment, a chance to meet key world leaders and establish better relationships that will help shape her premiership.
In Britain,
Prime Minister May tells
her ministers,
government must make
success of Brexit
In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May during Cabinet meeting at Chequers on Wednesday to discuss development since leave vote in June, reportedly she told her ministers, the government must make success of Brexit, saying UK must focus on the opportunities on offer outside the EU as she reiterated there would be no second referendum on Brexit.
The meeting at country residence of the Prime Minister, is being billed as the most significant since the referendum vote in June and comes amid reports of tension and
diverging priorities among key figures in the Cabinet, said news report.
-AENNS- 01-09-2016
In Europe,
In Italy, a strong earthquake
which struck central Italy
on wednesday evening ,
reportedly 250 people dead,
many people are missing,
rescuers look for survivers
In Europe, a strong earthquake of 6.2 magnitue has struck on wednesday evening in central Italy, 250 people reportedly dead and many more people are missing and also many buidings belived to have been damaged, media news reports said.
Reportedly the earthquake has struck at 03:36 GMT, 65 miles north east of Rome, and according to civil protection agency of Italy described, the earthquake as severe.
According to media news report, quake epicentra is in Nicocia in mountainous central Italy, but the trimores felt in Rome, said news report.
In Britain,
Widespread inequality risks
increasing race tensions
in this country,warns EHRC
In Britain, Equality and Human rights Commission (EHRC) has published the biggest ever review into race equality in this country across every aspect of lives of pepole, including education, employment, housing, pay and living standards, health, crimnal justice and participation, said the press release emailed to The AEN.
It reportedly reveals that while for certain people, life has became fairer over the past five years, for others progress has stalled and for some-in particular young black people -life on many fronts has got worse.
Chair David Isaac reportedly said the report reveals a very worrying combination of a post-Brexit rise in hate crime and long-term systemic unfairness and race inequality, and further he also said that the statements of new Prime Minister are very encouraging but previous efforts to address race inequality have been piecemeal and stuffering with more one nation plattitudes than policies.
He also called for a comprehensive a new race strategy from Government, the development of stretching new targets to reduce race inequality including in criminal justice, education and employment as well as better research and reporting to monitor progress, said the press release.
India News
India celebrates
70th Independence Day
India celebrates its 70th Independence Day, and Indians across the world proudly marked the 70th Indendence Day of the nation.
The patriotic ferver also gripped Indian missions across the world, and hundreds of Indian nationals, ethnic Indians and India lovers celebrates the 70th Independence Day, gathering during their events.
In India, a large number of Indian people gathered at Red Fort in Delhi to celebrate the 70th Independence Day of India and listened the address of Prime Minister Narendra Modii
and he recounts achievemednts of his government in his I-Day speech, news reported.
International News
Hindu statesman Rajan Zed
offers heartfelt condolences
on death of Hindu spritual
Pramukh Swami Maharaj
Hindu statesman Rajan Zed who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today said that they were saddened by passing away of Pramukh Swami, age of 94, on August 13, evening in Gujarat-India, spiritual head of Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) a socio-spiritual Hindu organisation with its roots in the Vedas.
Rajan Zed stated that with death of Pramukh Swami, world had lost an ideal sadhu and spiritual guide who promoted moral and spiritual living, undertook various humatarian and charitable causes and worked for spiritual upliftment.
Zed expressing grief over demise of Pramukh Swami, noted that Pramukh Swami worked for interfaith cooperation with a message of love and peace, stressing harmony through dialogue, and highlighting mutual respect.
A paradigm of humanity and selflessness and forgiveness, widely travelled Pramukh Swami exemplified the ideals of religion with his message of selfless love. He also encouraged better understanding and appreciation of Hinduism traditions and was a force behind the contsruction of hundreds of Hindu temples worldwide. He was an inspiration for the community and mentored many, Rajan Zed added.
The press release was sent to founding editor, publisher, owner Vallabh Kaviraj of The AEN-The Asian Express Newspaper, London on August 13, 2016.
Britain promises to keep
paying for EU funded projects
until 2020, even if Britain leaves
EU before then
British Government today reportedly promised to keep paying for EU funded projects until 2020, even if Britain leaves the EU before then, news report said.
UK Chancellor Philip Hammond today reportedly said, EU funding for farmers, scientists and other projects will be replaced by the Treasury after Brexit, and said that the government is determined to ensure that people have stability and certainty in the period leading up to our departure from the EU.
Britain voted in June to leave the 28-nation EU in a referendum but Prime Minister Teresa May has indicated that her Government will not trigger Article 50, which would begin a two-year process to leave, during 2016, said news report.
AENNS- 13-08-2016
In Asia,
Suicide bomb attack in Pakistan,
kills 70 people, injuring many others
inside civil hospital in Quetta city
In Pakistan, suicide attack in emergency ward of civil hospital in Quetta city, reportedly at least 70 people killed, injuring many others, said media news report.
Reportedly 25 lawyers and two journalists killed among wounded victims and the news reported that the blast was carried out by suicide bomber who was hiding exlosive material in his vest, media news report said.
According to media report, a large number of police and paramilitary troups rushed to the blast site.
Reportedly lawyers in Baluchistan and southern port city Karachi, boycotted court proceedings, and bar association of Pakistan condemned the attack.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief reportedly condemned the attack and called for high level meeting to discuss the security situation in the country.
-AENNS- 09-08-2016
UK Business News
Bank of England cuts
interest rates from 0.50% to 0.25%
on Thursday, announcing a range
of measures to stimulate UK economy
In the UK, Bank of England has cut interest rates from 0.50% to 0.25%, a record low, saying it could be reduced further lower if the economy worsens and announced a range of measures to stimulate the UK economy.
Reportedly Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, said the decision to cut interest rates was improved unanimously by all nine members of the Monetary Policy Committee, media news report said.
-AENNS- 05-08-2016
In Nepal,
80 people killed in floods and
landslides triggered by incessant
rain since Monday in the country
In Nepal, according to media news report at least 80 people reportedly were killed in floods and landslides triggered by incessant rain in several districts of the country since Monday, said news report.
Reportedly scores of houses and bridges have been swept away in several parts of the country as incessant rains have swelled rivers, and army personnel have been deployed for rescue and relief operations in 14 floods affected districts, media news report said.
-AENNS- 31-07-2016
International News
Australia calls for free trade
deal with Britain
According to media news reports, Australia has called for free trade deal with Britain, following its exit from European Union.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a telephone call to British Prime Minister Theresa May, saying he urgently wanted to open up trading between two countries.
British Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly described the move as very encouraging, saying it showed that Brexit could work for Britain, further she said she is very clear that her government will make a success of their exit from the European Union, news report said.
-AENNS- 18-07-2016
In Europe,
British Prime Minister Theresa May condemnes Nice attack and says
UK must redouble efforts on terror
In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly said the UK must redouble its efforts to defeat terrorism and condemned the attack in Nice, media news reports said.
Reportedly Prime Minister May said Britain stood sholder to sholder with France after a lorry drow into a crowd, killing 84 people including children and injuring many others.
Downing Street reportedly said a small number of Britons were injured in Nice attack.
In Europe,
Bastille Day celebrations
in Nice, France, 84 people
killed in lorry attack, French
President calls a terrorist attack
In Europe, during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France, on Thursday 14, July, reportedly 84 people died including many children, the interior ministry said
According to media news reports, the driver of the lorry was shot dead by police, and he has been indentified , who lived locally.
Reportedly France is declaring three-day of national mouning beginning on Saturday, media news reports said.
In Britain,
Theresa May becomes new
PM of UK after David Cameron
tenders his resignation to Queen
on Wednesday
In Britain, the 59 year-old Theresa May, longest serving Home Secretary of the Conservative Party government, became new Prime Minister after David Cameron tendered his resignation as Prime Minister to Queen on Wednesday.
Mrs May became a second conservative female Prime Minister since Mrs Margaret Thatcher of Conservative Party in 1979-1990, who was the first female Prime Minister, gaining a huge popularity.
Mrs May has been in British Parliament as MP for Maidenhead since 1997, and under Prime Minister David Cameron, she has been the longest serving home secretary for Britain.
Tributes to David Cameron as PM
at his final cabinet meet on Tuesday
David Cameron has chaired his final Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, reportedly woderful tributes paid to outgoing prime miniser.
According to media news reports, wonderful tributes to David Cameron led by Mrs Theresa May and other ministers who praised Mr Cameron for his great achivements during his premiership over the last six years.
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Poetic Vision
by Vallabh Kaviraj
Vallabh Kaviraj
a longstanding
Indian origin
poet, writer,
and newspaper
editor in London,
he himself composed
his all peoms and
in a book form
called "Inspiration"
Today's World needs
Peace on Earth
Nature is troubled
with rusty air,
all creatures fear
what will happen
if none care!
none believe
God is where!
Fighting fighting
but none got
an end anywhere.
It is human creature,
should understand,
because sensitive
creature on the land.
Human should
be happy
on the land,
let be asked when?
Honesty that
all understand
and rusty air
will clear then.
-Vallabh Kaviraj
O human! self trouble
not the world,
compare self as
the same as all,
function inside
you as same
as others of all,
why should
be troubled
or trouble fellows
in the world ?
O wild waves!
be not thunder
and be not selfish !
why harm safe
boats in the sea!
Forget not the earth,
from the sun,
all stars related
in the sky,
human has the bed
that is the earth
and the blanket
for all is the sky.
It is I respect others,
naturally I am
respected by others.
It is I earn living,
consequently it is
also helped others
in earning living.
It is the related world,
no mistake,
human works
for herself / himself
as well as for others
in the civil world.
-Vallabh Kaviraj
Gujarati poem
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Current Affairs
News feature
Today's India
needs strong unity
nationwide to achieve
prosperity and
world peace
Vallabh Kaviraj
in London
India, the glorious ancient land with full of resources, manpower, rich culture and a considerable wealth of all kinds, is now seen globally as the land of opportunities for prosperity and world peace in this New Age.
*India is many-but it is a great one nation with over one billion people who have different languages, different religions, traditions and customs though culturally they are one people who have lived together culturally for centuries, that was the beauty of the great country India.
*Today's India is gaining a strong ground in the globalised world. Its progressive economy attracted a large number of world's countries to build bilateral relations. The country has got a considerable natural resources, wealth and talented manpower.
*Geographically its paramount boundry from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, its wall of mountains in the east and sea routes of Arabian sea and Indian ocean give a vast opportunity to build its strength as well as to create more wealth to become a rich nation again.
*India was one paramount nation before its Independence which was gained on 15th of August 1947. The British Raj maintained a strong unity of India and built up a powerful British Empire during its rule in India, read more in this article...
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